Create an Anti-Slavery Event

You can start the fight against modern slavery in your community or workplace by hosting your own modern slavery Event

Unchosen is here to help you tell your community or workplace about modern slavery in the UK. Often, frontline workers such as the police, social workers, health workers and local authority employees know very little about modern slavery in the UK – and are unaware of their statutory duty to protect victims. Similarly, the general public have a huge role to play in seeing slavery in their communities, and acting against it.

If you want to create an event, training, lunch and learn or even a conference – Unchosen can help in the following ways:


Films – Download our Films Against Slavery packages to use at your event, or choose one of the films from our Film Gallery  (visit our shop to download one or more films).

Paper resources – Go to our shop to download posters and factsheets to use in your workplace, training or events. Or go HERE to download our factsheets free of charge.


Running a conference with Unchosen is an effective way to provide modern slavery training for your target audience. We can take the stress out of planning and organising your event and help you achieve your desired outcomes. Unchosen conferences can be a great way of informing frontline professionals at a detailed level. Our conferences are perfect for local authorities, the NHS, the police and businesses.

We can design a cost effective, bespoke conference which suits your specific needs, which includes providing expert speakers and workshops on specific topics, designing and printing all publicity for the event, the use of our film resources, as well as project managing the event itself.

Topics covered at conferences could include:

  • – What modern slavery is and how it works – including the different types
  • – How to take action and how the National Referral Mechanism works, including filling the form…
  • – Understanding your obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • – Specific areas such as child and adult safeguarding, issues around policing or health work.