Unchosen are proud to announce the launch of their new project: Stay Safe from Slavery. Unchosen’s research has shown that some people are more likely to be targeted by traffickers and exploiters, and to become victims of modern slavery. Because of this, we have developed a new project called Stay Safe from Slavery.

From October 2017 Unchosen is partnering with charities, NGOs and local authorities across the South West of England who work with the homeless, young people in care and care leavers, refugees and asylum seekers.

We’ll be delivering FREE Stay Safe from Slavery toolkits across the South West, packed with resources and information. Through these toolkits, we hope that frontline workers and their service users will be able to spot the signs of exploitation, and help stop slavery before it starts.

If you are based in the South West of England get in touch with us to receive a FREE Stay Safe from Slavery toolkit.

Contact: staysafe@unchosen.org.uk

If you are a charity elsewhere in the UK complete the form here (type below each heading) to register your interest. We will get in touch with you soon.

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Or come to a Stay Safe from Slavery event in the coming months (free entry).

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