When and Where

The conference will take place 21st June 2017, at the University of Nottingham.

The university’s Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice and Antislavery Usable Past Project is partnering on this conference with us, in conjunction with their work to help make Nottingham a slavery-free city.

Unchosen are delighted to announce an innovative conference called Stay Safe from Slavery, focusing on new ways of preventing modern slavery in the UK. The conference takes place at the University of Nottingham on 21st June 2017.

To book your place click here (limited places available).

The 2014 Modern Slavery Strategy highlighted prevention as vital to the fight against slavery in the UK, and aimed to “protect vulnerable people by raising awareness and stopping them from becoming victims.”  However, preventative programmes are today few and far between –  understandably, the focus is very much on finding and protecting victims. Unchosen’s Stay Safe from Slavery conference asks – how can we protect the vulnerable? How can we stop those who are homeless, refugees, migrants or children in care from falling victim to exploitation? What are the new approaches in this field?

This conference invites a wide audience to challenge the status quo and look at innovative ways of approaching the prevention of slavery. The conference will appeal to the anti-slavery sector, frontline workers who work with vulnerable groups, as well as homeless charities, refugee and migrant groups, those working with children in care and care leavers – and the growing number of academics working on modern slavery.

The conference coincides with a new project called Stay Safe from Slavery that Unchosen is currently developing.

If you have any questions please email the Unchosen office. 

Olivia Hesketh
Home Office Modern Slavery Unit

Olivia Hesketh is a senior policy adviser in the Home Office Modern Slavery Unit. Olivia will give an overview of the current work underway to support the Prevent strand of the Modern Slavery Strategy. She will present emerging findings from Home Office work to improve our understanding of the criminals behind modern slavery.

Melissa Blackburn 
CEO Unchosen

Melissa and Julia will be speaking about the development of our new Stay Safe from Slavery project, a new pilot project focusing on prevention of slavery in vulnerable groups in the South West.

Dr. Alison Gardner
Nottingham University

Alison will draw on examples from the US and across the UK, to explore how we can develop integrated multi-agency and place-based approaches to making communities ‘slavery-free’.

Darryl Dixon

Darryl will be talking on the innovative preventative methods that may be applied to end labour exploitation in order to protect vulnerable people.

Jantine Werdmuller von Elgg
Stronger Together

Jantine will focus on the role the private sector can play in ending modern slavery; the power of collaboration; and the preventative methods that can be taken to end slavery within the labour workforce.

Andrea Simon

Andrea’s talk will explore the context for trafficked children in care and look at recommendations to prevent and respond to children going missing.

Sam Lake
Migrant Help

Sam’s talk will explore possible ideas of preventing vulnerable migrants from falling into slavery.

Coral Dando
University of Westminster

Coral’s presentation will provide an overview of a project, where the Controlled Cognitive Engagement technique was taught to covert security personnel working in a European airport.

Mick Clark
The Passage

Mick will be focusing his talk on his experience working directly with homeless people and the innovative methods that can be used to prevent slavery within the vulnerable homeless group.


The event is priced at £75  per person (including lunch). Get your tickets now – limited places available!

Once sold out, any additional requests will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations. As Unchosen are a small charity, the ticket price has been set on a cost-recovery basis.