Survivor Stories

Real case studies of modern slavery in the UK

The following case studies tell the stories of real people who became victims of modern slavery in the UK.

Unchosen believes that it’s vital to give a voice to the survivors or slavery and to empower them to tell their stories. When we all understand how slavery works, we can all see it in our communities and work to end it.

These stories below come from Unchosen’s partners across the UK. We are very grateful to the organisations who originally provided these case studies for our prestigious Unchosen Modern Slavery Short Film Competition.

We’ve grouped these stories under the types of slavery that are prevalent in the UK  – but you’ll notice that some case studies appear again and again in different categories. That is because slavery is a complex crime, and often several different kinds of slavery are present in one case study: for instance, an exploited child may be a victim of child slavery and domestic servitude, but may also be being sexual exploited / abused by her employer.

We hope that these stories not only help people understand the true nature of modern slavery and inspire filmmakers to tell these stories, but also highlight the important and challenging work these organisations do to help those affected.

(Photos are not of the real victims, they are taken from our Unchosen films or are stock pics).