Spot the Signs

Slavery happens everywhere, and anyone can become a victim. Listed below are some of the signs that might indicate modern slavery. This is not an conclusive list. If you have any concerns about an individual or a situation please call one of our emergency helplines. Here are the tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • A person with poor physical appearance.
  • Someone who seems vulnerable and isolated from the community.
  • A person with few personal belongings.
  • Someone who has his or her movement restricted.
  • A group of people being moved around en masse at unusual hours.
  • Employers withholding passports and/or legal documents.
  • Evidence of physical/mental abuse.
  • Someone who is overly wary of the police/authorities.
  • Young people with much older boyfriends/girlfriends- especially in conjunction with an unstable family background/excessive use of drugs alcohol/multiple mobile phones/unexplained gifts.

If you notice any of these indicators happening in your community, don’t hesitate to call one of the dedicated anti-slavery helplines.

From the 2014 short film Michael.