Case Studies

Making a film for the Unchosen Modern Slavery Short Film Competition is really simple.

All you need to do is make a film of under 8 minutes based on one of the case studies below.

        • All the following case studies come from our professional partners. They are anonymised, and in some cases amalgamated, in order to ensure confidentiality.
        • Your film is meant to be an interpretation of the case study, from whatever viewpoint you choose, highlighting whatever you think is important.
        • It can be any genre – a drama, an animation, a documentary – whatever makes sense. But it must be obvious which case study it’s based on. Films not based on the case studies are not eligible.
        • Remember, we can’t use films that are sexually explicit or violent, or too disturbing to show to your average 15 year old. Less is definitely more in terms of what we see and don’t see. If you’re not sure, contact
        • If you have any queries about these case studies, please contact (no contact should be made with our case study partners without consent from us). Thanks.

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