Eversheds Sutherland launches Modern Slavery solution

7/3/2017 Law firm Eversheds Sutherland has launched two e-learning modules, developed to train businesses to understand and manage their risks related to modern slavery. Thought to be among the first interactive tools launched to educate employees on modern slavery, the solution is designed to help staff better recognise what modern slavery is and help with compulsory reporting relating to how they are tackling it.

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Co-op provides brighter future for UK victims of modern slavery

2/3/2017  The Co-op on 1 March announced a ground breaking new scheme to help integrate victims of the disturbing UK modern slave trade back into communities.

In a bid to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May has described as the great human rights issue of our time[1], the Co-op will provide jobs for known victims and raise awareness of modern slavery amongst its four million members.

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Brands named and shamed on slavery reporting

28/2/2017  A number of top UK retailers expected to publish Modern Slavery Act (MSA) statements have missed a deadline. 

Supply chain software provider Segura conducted research and found that of 34 retailers who should have produced statements on their websites by 31 January, 11 had failed to do so.

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Huge cannabis farm ‘was staffed by trafficked Vietnamese teenagers’

27/2/2017  In the Guardian: A vast marijuana farm discovered in a former nuclear bunker in Wiltshire was staffed by trafficked Vietnamese teenagers working in slave-like conditions, police say.

The three teenagers, the youngest of whom was initially thought to be 15, and one adult in his 30s, were found working as gardeners inside the 1980s bunker after a midnight raid on Wednesday.

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The Modern British Slave Trade

2/2/17  On Channel4 – A unique insight into the hidden world of modern slavery in the UK, seen through the eyes of people trapped in forced labour and the investigators who are trying to tackle this criminal industry. Could this be happening in your community?

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Child refugees ‘lost to prostitution and slavery’

12/12/16  Unaccompanied child refugees who were brought to the UK from the Calais migrant camp have disappeared and may have been drawn into prostitution or modern slavery.

Traffickers are feared to have preyed on the children, many of whom have no family in the UK and are looked after by the local authorities. David Simmonds, chairman of the asylum, migration and refugee task force at the Local Government Association, told The Sunday Times that children were being pursued for the cash that they had promised to traffickers before their journey to Europe.

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Plymouth’slave’ traffickers jailed for exploiting Czech men

1/11/16  A gang which trafficked men to the UK to work as “slaves” and “crushed their spirits” with demeaning treatment have all been jailed.

The group, all Czech nationals, treated their victims – who were routinely threatened and humiliated – as “cash cows”, a court heard.

Five defendants were found guilty after a trial at Plymouth Crown Court.

Gangmaster Ruzena Tancosova, 36, and enforcer Petr Tancos, 37, were both jailed for six and a half years.

Martin Tancos, 37, was jailed for three years, Nela Dzurkova, 28, for two and a half years, and Katerina Kurejova, 37, was sentenced to two years in prison.

Slavery protection orders were imposed on all five defendants as well as judicial recommendation for deportation.

‘Stripping away freedom’

The victims, who were brought to Plymouth from the Czech Republic, were beaten and told they would be killed if they tried to escape.

They had to forage in bins for food, some had to live in cupboards and were often humiliated, the court heard.

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Slavery and trafficking victims rescued and exploiters arrested during ‘successful’ crackdown

31/10/16  NEARLY 30 arrests were made and 18 victims of slavery or human trafficking rescued across Greater Manchester during a successful week-long regional crackdown.

Homes and businesses in Bolton were among the 207 different address visited by Greater Manchester Police officers, firefighters, immigration officials, tax officials, council officers, officials from the NHS and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and representatives from campaign charity Stop The Traffik.

They were looking for criminals subjecting British nationals and foreigners alike to sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude and to save suspected victims, who were sheltered at a reception centre run by the Red Cross where specially trained staff provided much-needed care, support and rehabilitation.

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Former slave shares heartbreaking story after being forced to work – ‘Now I make my own decisions’

26/10/16  Bristol has a terrible history when it comes to slavery, but if you think it has been eradicated entirely, you are wrong.

Polish national Tomaz was trafficked into Britain and forced into labour, with his wages being withheld from him.

He was found by police officers during a raid earlier this year, and is now living in a safe house in Bristol, operated by charity Unseen.

He is sharing his story for the first time after news yesterday that two men were on suspicion of assault and human trafficking in the Redcliffe area of Bristol.

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