Our Aims

At Unchosen, we want to see a nation free of slavery.

Unchosen use film to tell people and professionals about Modern Slavery in the UK

Our aims are:

  • – To take action against and raise awareness of Modern Slavery in the UK in order to free existing victims.
  • – To prevent slavery and exploitation by giving people the tools to avoid it in their own lives.
  • – To use the medium of film to shine a light on the realities of slavery in an emotive and compelling way.
  • – To reach as many people as we can. We believe knowledge is powerful. The more people we can reach, the more victims we can liberate from slavery.

At the centre of everything we do is a sense of creativity, and a sense of partnership. It is our partnerships across the UK and beyond that mean we reach tens of thousands of people each year.

“By raising awareness through film, Unchosen shows how arts and creativity have the power to challenge destructive stereotypes such as otherness and inferiority, which are often used to justify exploitation. Arts reinforce a sense of belonging to a single human community in every individual.”

Maria Grazia GiammarinaroOSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
Unchosen hosts film showings and expert panels like this one in Belfast across the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of the realities of Modern Slavery.