Plymouth’slave’ traffickers jailed for exploiting Czech men

1/11/16  A gang which trafficked men to the UK to work as “slaves” and “crushed their spirits” with demeaning treatment have all been jailed.

The group, all Czech nationals, treated their victims – who were routinely threatened and humiliated – as “cash cows”, a court heard.

Five defendants were found guilty after a trial at Plymouth Crown Court.

Gangmaster Ruzena Tancosova, 36, and enforcer Petr Tancos, 37, were both jailed for six and a half years.

Martin Tancos, 37, was jailed for three years, Nela Dzurkova, 28, for two and a half years, and Katerina Kurejova, 37, was sentenced to two years in prison.

Slavery protection orders were imposed on all five defendants as well as judicial recommendation for deportation.

‘Stripping away freedom’

The victims, who were brought to Plymouth from the Czech Republic, were beaten and told they would be killed if they tried to escape.

They had to forage in bins for food, some had to live in cupboards and were often humiliated, the court heard.

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