Slaves at sea

16/08/2016 Sometimes it is difficult to believe that we are living in the 21st century and not the beginning of the 19th, when life was cheap and a good deal more brutal.

But earlier this month the UK brought into force the Modern Slavery Act, which has become necessary because of the trafficking and widespread criminality, in which real, live slavery is flourishing under our very noses, in a country which more than two centuries ago, saw slavery abolished.

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Freeing girls trafficked to Italy for sex: ‘You will not be a slave for ever’

9/8/16 Thousands of women and girls are being trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, into a life of forced prostitution. Abused and desperately vulnerable, they have a champion in Princess Okokon, who was herself trafficked from Nigeria in 1999. Okokon fled her captors, and, with her husband, Alberto, set up the NGO Piam Onlus. Together they have helped hundreds of women in Asti and Sicily to escape their traffickers, giving them refuge and support ….

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Nigerian faces jail after conviction for human smuggling in UK

4/8/16  Franca Asemota, a 38 year old Nigerian woman was on Wednesday found guilty of eight counts charges of conspiracy to traffic people into sexual exploitation by a jury at Isleworth Crown Court, United Kingdom.

A report in Daily Mail indicated that British investigators linked Asemota from Benin city to over six human trafficking trips during which she smuggled over 40 girls and young women into the European country for prostitution through the Heathrow Airport hub.

She was also found guilty of kidnapping of two of the girls who escaped and had been placed in foster care.

The girls were smuggled from remote Nigerian villages with promise that they are going to get better life in Europe, but ended up being forced into prostitution.

Franca, according to the newspaper, then used ‘witchcraft’, threats and violence to force them into sex trade on arrival in Europe.

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Slavery and human trafficking claims ‘not investigated properly’

2/8/2016  Reports of human trafficking and modern slavery in Britain are not being investigated properly, the UK’s anti-slavery commissioner has said.

Kevin Hyland expressed concern at the level of potential slavery incidents being investigated and prosecuted, and said the official record of victims outnumbersthe instances of crime recorded.

“What’s alarming about it is that we do have people reporting to the authorities but then the [incidents] are not being properly investigated,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

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