Hampshire ports urged to look out for ship slaves

27/6/2016  Port workers are being asked to look out for signs of slavery on ships docking in England’s south coast ports.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Modern Slavery Partnership says slavery at sea can go unnoticed because of restricted access to ships and the limited chances to check on the welfare of seafarers.

One port chaplain says he has seen evidence of crew members forced to work without sufficient rest hours or pay.

Hampshire Constabulary said it would do all it could to help victims.

Rev Roger Stone, Apostleship of the Sea port chaplain for England’s south coast ports, said he had seen galleys without food or drinking water, food unfit for human consumption, filthy shower and toilet areas and galleys with insect infestation.

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Man jailed for four years over slavery offences

20/6/2016  A Hertfordshire man has been handed a four-year jail term for two modern-day slavery offences.

Johnny Moloney, also known as Johnny Murphy, 26, of Watford Road, St Albans, was found guilty at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday (June 15) following an eight-day trial.

He had pleaded not guilty knowingly requiring another person to perform forced labour in St Albans between April 2010 and December 2014, and also to a count of knowingly holding a person in slavery or servitude.
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Migrant Children Face Beatings, Rape and Forced Labor on Way to Europe, UNICEF Warns

15/6/2016 REUTERS – Migrant children making the perilous journey to Europe to escape war and poverty face possible beatings, rape and forced labour in addition to risk of drowning in the Mediterranean, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday.
Minors account for a growing percentage of migrants and refugees, particularly those trying to reach Italy by sea from Libya, it said in a report, “Danger Every Step of the Way”.
Of the roughly 206,200 people who arrived in Europe by sea this year to June 4, one in three was a child, it said, citing figures from the UN refugee agency.
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St Albans slavery trial: Shanon Loveridge cleared of all charges

14/6/2016  A judge has ruled that a 22-year-old woman accused of modern day slavery offences had no case to answer.

Homeless Cameron Biggar, 43, was allegedly held and made to carry out unpaid block paving and building work up to 14 hours a day.

Judge Andrew Bright QC directed a jury to find Shanon Loveridge, of Watford Road, St Albans, not guilty of two charges.

The case against her husband Johnny Moloney continues.

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UK-wide anti-slavery operation leads to 25 arrests

7/6/2016    Twenty-five arrests have been made and more than 100 victims have been identified as a national anti-slavery programme has come to a close.

During a pan-European week of action against modern slavery, the National Crime Agency (NCA) oversaw a programme that led to dozens of operations being deployed across the UK targeting criminals involved in trafficking and exploitation.

The scheme, codenamed Operation Hornsman, identified 103 potential victims and also prompted investigations into a number of businesses suspected of breaching minimum wage regulations.

Martin French, head of the NCA’s UK Human Trafficking Centre, said: “This operation really demonstrates the broad nature of how we take on those involved in trafficking and exploitation. It involved collaboration between a large number of law enforcement and government agencies, but also non-governmental organisations and the charity sector.

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Cheshire police take part in operation to tackle modern day slavery

6/6/2016  Two potential victims of modern day slavery were identified and taken to a place of safety during a joint operation by Cheshire Constabulary to tackle the ‘hidden crime’.

Police joined forces with the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, Immigration and the Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority to visit business premises across Cheshire between May 30 and June 3 in a bid to gather vital information and find potential victims.

Forty-five hand car washes were visited, because the force says intelligence suggests there is a potential risk of individuals employed at such premises being exploited.

Officials attended each workplace and carried out checks to ensure adherence to employment, environmental and health and safety laws.

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