New Church-led drive to stop human trafficking

30/11/15 A NEW church-led report into the risks of human trafficking within UK companies has been commended by the Archbishop of Canterbury for showing that “any business” can be exposed to modern slavery through its supply chain.

The report Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and the FTSE 100 — which was launched in partnership with the Anglican mission agency Us., and the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR), on Friday — has been three years in the making, and comes …

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‘Slavery and coercion’ have been used against fishermen by Nestlé


It has been found migrant workers in Thailand have been sold or tricked into catching or processing fish that enters Nestlé food products.

This was discovered as part of a global audit commissioned by Nestlé in December 2014 to study its supply chain.

According to the report – the workers arrive in Thailand from neighbouring Cambodia and Myanmar, pay ‘brokers’ to get jobs and are then trapped in jobs on ‘fishing vessels and at ports, mills and seafood farms’.

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How to Deal with Anti-Slavery Laws

24/11/15 This year has brought an unparalleled spike in state, federal, and international legislative and enforcement efforts specifically focused on ridding the world’s supply chains of products tainted by forced labor, slavery, human trafficking, and child labor, as well as indentured servitude (collectively, “coerced labor”). The most recent such effort is the U.K.’s just-enacted Modern Slavery Act, slated to take effect in 2016.

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Premier League footballer describes how he was victim of child sex trafficking

23/11/15   A former Premier League footballer has described how he was trafficked to the UK as a child and forced into male prostitution.

Al Bangura, 27, who played for Watford, left his home in Sierra Leone at the age of 14 after his parents tried to make him follow in the footsteps of his late father and become the leader of a voodoo cult.

He feared his life would be in danger so he travelled to neighbouring Guinea where he met a French man who promised to help him fulfil his dream, taking him through France to the UK.

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Gloucestershire site where the Connors made people work as slaves could become home for travellers

23/11/15  Neighbours of a site where people were forced to work as slaves are horrified that it could become an authorised gypsy and traveller site.

The Beggars Roost site in Bamfurlong Lane, Staverton, was where members of the Connors family beat their victims and forced them to work for as little as £5 a day.

In December 2012, five of them were convicted of slavery-related offences and were sentenced to a combined total of 18 years in prison.

Now people living close to Beggars Roost, who say travellers caused them all sorts of problems before the site became vacant four years ago, are worried that a planning application has been lodged with Tewkesbury Borough Council.

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The Black British couple, held their victim captive from the time he was brought to Britain from Nigeria, when he was 14 years old

20/11/15  A Perivale couple kept a man in slavery for almost twenty five years, forcing him to work for no pay and threatening him with deportation if he tried to escape.

Emanuel Edet, a 61-year-old doctor and his 58-year-old wife Antan Edet, who is a nurse were convicted at Harrow Crown Court in northwest London on charges of child cruelty, slavery and assisting in illegal immigration.

Prosecutor Damaris Lakin said the Black British couple told their captive he would be arrested as an illegal immigrant and deported if he ever decided to escape from the house and go to the police. “He believed this and felt trapped and completely dependent on the Edets,” Lakin said in a statement and added. “Emanuel and Antan Edet have cruelly robbed this victim of 24 years of his life. They have treated him with complete contempt.” The prosecutor underlined that “this was a shocking case of modern day slavery.”

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Perivale doctor and nurse guilty of keeping man as slave for 24 years

18/11/15   A doctor and his nurse wife have been found guilty of keeping a man as a slave for 24 years at their home.

Ofonime Sunday Inuk, now 40, told Harrow Crown Court he arrived in the UK from Nigeria in 1989 when he was 14 and made to look after the couple’s home and children.

Emmanuel and Antan Edet, from Perivale, north west London, were found guilty of three slavery and cruelty charges.

The couple, who had denied the charges, are due to be sentenced on 18 November.

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Trafficking gang jailed for bringing Latvian woman into UK for sham marriage and keeping her locked up in an attic

17/11/2015  A gang has been jailed after a vulnerable Latvian woman, who was trafficked into the UK and forced into a sham marriage, was kept as a prisoner for fourteen months.

The 36-year-old victim, from a poor background in a village in Latvia, thought she would be able to earn money for her family when she was flown from Riga to Luton Airport in July 2013.

But the work never materialised, the gang took her passport and she spent the next fourteen months as a virtual prisoner, first in Slough and Birmingham but then at two homes in Longsight.

Even though she spoke no English and had little understanding of the ceremony, she was ‘married’ to Pakistani national Mohammed Akmal who hoped his bogus relationship would persuade the Home Office to allow him to stay.

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Gangmasters authority to launch anti-slavery course

16/11/15  The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) is launching its first-ever accredited training scheme.

It is part of attempts to protect workers from exploitation in the UK’s supply chains.

The GLA said organised crime groups have identified labour supply as an area where workers are exploited.

“The only way to tackle this is to work alongside business and ensure risks can be identified”, it said. The authority has developed a training programme alongside the University of Derby, which will be run from its offices in Nottingham. The GLA said the course would provide delegates with the “knowledge, skills and confidence to identify exploitative practice”.

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Church of England steps up fight against human trafficking

11/11/15   The C of E is setting up a network of champions to work alongside police forces and statutory and non-statutory agencies to support victims of human trafficking. Last year more than 2,300 people were identified as victims of trafficking in the UK from more than 96 different countries. That figure is set to rise following the coming into force of the new Modern Slavery Act which creates new offences and sets out a number of measures to protect victims.

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